How It Works
3D Modeling
Each furnishing must be created in 3D.
Link Your Products
Link your catalogue with our system.
We display it
Your products can be viewed using AR and Virtual Staging.
3D Modeling

3DApartment's modeling team will visualize your products in 3D, making them more accessible to your customers on digital platforms.

3D Visualization Solutions for eCommerce
On Any Device
Our solution is compatible with all major devices.
On Any Browser
3DApartment viewer works on all browsers
without any required plugins.
With Existing Assets
All major 3D file formats are supported.
Exclusive Features

We offer customizable features for both wholesale and retail markets to meet your individual business needs.

  • Streamlined checkout and delivery
  • Tag products and add videos
  • Personalized Interior design services
  • Precision measurement tool
  • Style guides by Notable Interior Designers
Help customers discover each properties' unique identity
Increase engagement and interaction
Enrich the online shopping experience
Project your company as innovative
and forward-thinking
Reduce product returns
From Digital to Physical

Help your customers view your entire product line in their actual home.

When it comes to furniture shopping, being able to view things in the context of the customer's space, and understand size and dimensions is really important.

We believe combining spatial data, staging and AR will be instrumental in building the experience economy of the future.